SCOPE | Economics

SCOPE | Economics is an official study association of the School of Business and Economics (SBE) of Maastricht University. We bring like-minded people together and organize activities that enrich their student life socially and academically. Our many Active Members take on extra responsibilities by providing other students with great opportunities related to the broad field of economics. They do so by organizing various academic, career and social events for both members and nonmembers.

Guest Lectures

We organize a number of guest lectures every semester on economics–related topics. They are a great way to broaden one’s perspective beyond the borders of university’s regular course content. All lectures are free for everyone to join.

Career Events

We host and organize frequent career events with both our partners as well as other institutions and companies that work in the field of economics. Company presentations and other formats are your chance to get in contact with employers!


In foreign trips, association members go to a foreign country for two weeks accompanied by a tutor. City trips take students to explore a European city with other members. In all trips we visit institutions and companies that are of interest for economists.


In our workshops, we provide training on skills that are important for a prospective economist, such as working with specific computer software, tackling real-life economics problems or passing an interview at an economic consultancy.

Actives’ Activities

Our actives are what keep this organization running, which is why we organize several parties every year as well as lots of smaller events, such as barbecues and weekend trips, for our Active Members as a reward for their work in the committees.