SCOPE | Economics is part of SCOPE framework which consists of the official study assiciations at the School of Business Economics of Maastricht University. 

Become a member of SCOPE!
Becoming a member of SCOPE has many benefits, so many in fact, that the majority of SBE students every year chooses to become a member of SCOPE. The benefits of membership are wide-ranging and include:

  • Access to study material and discount on books
  • Study trips to cities all over the world
  • Workshops, lectures, exam trainings
  • Amazing parties and social events
  • Access to affiliated companies and sponsors
  • Career events and much more ... 

To become a member of SCOPE, subscribe here. The yearly membership fee is €20,-. Once you are a member of SCOPE, you are entitled to join the events of all SCOPE associations!. In fact, the SCOPE associations offer discounts on most of their trips and events for their members.

To cancel your membership, view the blacklist policy, update your bank details, change which specialized association you belong to and manage your membership, please log in with your student ID number and password by clicking here.

Become an Active Member of SCOPE | Economics!

SCOPE | Economics is always looking for students that are willing to put in additional effort into their university life, and get an extra rewarding time from it. Not only will you see your own projects and ideas come to life as an Active Member, but you will also join a community of like-minded students in which you will have the most fun of your university life!

If you are interested in becoming an Active Member of SCOPE | Economics, have a look at our committees to find one that best fits your skills and interests.

We will inform students through the website if we are looking for Active Members, but feel free to send us an email and we will see if we have a spot for you!