Lecture 1

Sharing is Caring Lecture (1) May 9th, 2017

Inspired by the name of the famous Maastricht Facebook group in which those who seek for advice are given helpful information, we invite successful alumni of master programs to “share” their experiences after graduation with current master students in the first place. We think it can be very valuable to already get some hints for the “real life” that can be provided by eye-witnesses. For this edition, Joost Moonen will share his experience after graduating and will also talk about Financing in Emerging Markets. The interactive Q&A will be moderated by Kaj Thomsson and participants are encouraged to ask questions.

Joost Moonen, who holds a master’s degree in economics from Maastricht University, is a senior credit analyst at Rabobank. He has an extensive background of working on export and project finance, in particular in shipping and offshore-related transactions, but also in the trading of energy and agricultural commodities. He started his professional career as a country risk analyst, and his current position has a focus on emerging markets with a particular emphasis on political risk insurance.

This event is organised in close cooperation with the Emerging Markets specialisation and the Economics Department.


****NOTE: CV is not mandatory****

As there are limited places, please register until May 6.