Christmas and exams December 15th, 2016

The beginning of December was marked by the opening of the Christmas Market, streets filled with lights and decorations and air with sound of the Christmas songs. All you wish for is chucking on cosy Christmas sweaters and singing ‘Last Christmas’ yet the shadow of upcoming exam period does not allow for any celebration? Don’t be worried! We prepared small tips on how to survive exam period and not to lose Christmas spirit.

1. What you can do today…  do today
As everyone knows, procrastinating is the favourite activity of students. However, do not postpone everything till the last moment. It is good to plan your time and organise studies. Also, studying with your friends and dividing jobs might be a good way to save time and make it more fun. By doing so, you will make sure that you have enough time to revise all the tasks, materials in books and lectures. You will be better prepared and the exams will not be that stressful. You might even find some time to buy Christmas gifts!

2. Place to study
The University Library for an exam period offers the ‘XXL’ opening hours (remember to bring your student card, otherwise you will not get inside). However, for the ones who do not run as fast as Usain Bolt and do not have fighting skills, finding place in the library might be difficult. Therefore, it is good to remember that UM also offers other facilities where you can study. Try to find a space at Tapijn, SSC (Bonnefantenstraat 2) or USC Learning Spaces (P. Debijeplein 15). These places are very often less crowded than the library. If you do not need perfect silence to study you can also go to a cafe. In most of them there is a special place for students, where you can plug in your computer and study, while enjoying a good coffee.

3. Minimise distractions
If you are lucky and you have a place to study, then it is also good to organise your studying area. It is important to get rid of all the things that can distract you. Switch off your phone, logout off Facebook, close all not important web pages. It will help you to fully concentrate on studying. However, as focusing on one thing for a long period of time is impossible, make sure to have some breaks. The best idea is to go out for a walk to refresh your mind or eat something nice.

4. Decorations
Of course, in the throes of work we do not want to forget about Christmas! Therefore, decorating your house/room might be a great idea. You can hang Christmas lights, put christmas tree up or anything that makes you think about Christmas time. These little things will cheer you up and remind you that your hard work will be very soon compensated with the presents and delicious homemade food.
We hope that with our tips will help you with successful preparation and all of you will pass your exams with a flying colours. We wish you to have a great time with your families and friends during holidays!