Our Bar: The Ma Van Sloun February 6th, 2017

In the midst of UM grounds lies Ma van Sloun, a pub older than UM itself. It is the pub that stands its ground as it holds testament as the UM’s unofficial place of chill.

Ma van Sloun was started in the 1960’s by a woman naming it after her own. It was bought in 1972 by its present owner and manager from pooled personal savings with that of family and friends. It was an emotional investment being a Maastricht native and a former student patron himself.
Although running the pub has been a personal health challenge for Michiel Bloch, the owner, especially at busy nights, the vibrancy, life and enthusiasm of his young clientele, however, keeps Michiel motivated. On top of being the ever efficient and warm bar owner, he lives to satisfy everyone with his pub’s easy atmosphere, well-stocked bar, good food (catering to student budget while also offering luxury dinners and large group special nights) and agreeable prices. A typical weekend night at Ma van Sloun is full of friendly and enthusiastic students dedicated to having a good time. It is a place for people who are busy and are forgetting how to relax.

SCOPE and Ma van Sloun have become unofficial partners over the years. Tuesday nights is SCOPE Active’s night. It welcomes SBE with an atmosphere of calm as they catch up with course mates. SCOPE and SBE hold meetings (in one of its cozy rooms), hang-out, relax, catch up, unwind, have fun and even dine. Ma van Sloun brings out the rhythm and booze while the students pack in the laughter and cheers. It gets full on so many nights as the pub has a welcoming ambiance and is a late night haunt for many. Yet it does get quiet on school breaks where things go slow. Then just as suddenly, the wave of students comes back. Both new and old faces fill the place once again adding another year to the bar’s history. The new ones slowly drift into the habit of patronage as the pub slowly embeds itself into their academic life.

The bar holds a significant emotional value for both its many loyal patrons and owner alike. Many SCOPE and SBE alumnus would reminisce the place as that warm spot where friendships were made and many significant memories of SBE life unfolded. In Ma van Sloun, students weave dreams, forge lasting connections and engage in lively banter together with their spirited companion of choice that night.

SCOPE’s place to be is open from 5pm-2am, weekends till 3. On good weather, terrace opens at 8-9 am until 13:30 p.m.

by Thomas Sijpkens